We met CK when we first started our business 2 years ago. We instantly connected and have been in touch ever since! CK is the owner of Love Ink, a full service writing service, and LOVE her work! Check out her interview with us below.

Please tell us where the idea of your full service special occasions writing service business came from and how you got started? 

I’ve always love romance and writing! Those are two of my favorite things and everyone the knows me knows this. So, when my friends started getting married, I became the go to person to assist with helping everyone write their vows, speeches, toasts… you name it, I was helping to write it. So a friend of mine told me that I should start a business and I did!

What type of services do you provide your clients?

Love Ink offers a variety of services. We offer vow/ speech coaching services where we assist you in writing your own words. We also have custom writing services where we interview you and create the words for you. We also write love stories, best man/ maid of honor speeches, thank you cards, custom invitations poems and so much more. We help you create the perfect words for any occasion

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

The most rewarding part of my job is working with a client who thought they didn’t have the words or the ability to express themselves in the way they wanted to and then seeing them rock their vows on their wedding day! It’s extremely rewarding to help people do what they thought they couldn’t do.

Why should people consider hiring a professional to write their vows or speeches?

People hire professionals for every aspect of their lives. You have a life coach if your seeking a new direction in life, you’d hire a resume writer if you really want a make an impression at your job interview, you hire a caterer for an event where you want the food to be exceptional… Hiring a professional vow writer is no different. These are the most important words you will ever say. These words will govern your marriage, when you have words that mean as much as these do, you want to get it right and you want it to be special. I help people do that.

What requests do you hear most from your clients?

I get a lot of clients who have written their own vows but need help revamping them and making them sound amazing and that falls under my vow coaching sessions where I will take what you wrote and help you maximize your own words! I also have gotten more requests for love story writing! I love writing love stories because they are all so different and special and it really helps me to get to know the couple.

How do you help ease clients who are shy or scared to speak in front of people?

During my vow coaching sessions we go over a number of ways to alleviate stress while public speaking. The number one way to alleviate stress while speaking in front of people is to be prepared. I help my clients to be confident in their words and prepared for their big moment!

How are you able to convey the message the person wants to communicate?

I get this question all the time. Everyone wants to know if their vows will ” sound like them”. My answer is yes, it will sound like you never thought you could sound! I do an extensive interview with my clients where I get to know them and i dig deep into their relationships so I can really get an understanding of how they feel and what they want to say.  My job is to make you sound like the better version of yourself. You’ll be able to express your feelings in a way you never thought you could and it will all come from your heart!

What inspires you to write?

Love is my number one inspiration! I love love and I am a hopeless romantic. I love being able to capture that feeling in words.

What is your obsession right now?

Right now I am obsessed with the holidays! I love the holiday season. So much cheer and so much inspiration for love and writing. I love this time of year and I’m really excited about spending time with my family and friends.

When you aren’t doing this, what are you doing?

When I’m not working on wedding vows and meeting with clients I enjoy traveling and spending time with family and friends. I love cooking! That’s one of my favorite things to do and another expression of love! We cook for those we love so I always like to make my dishes extra special!

What new project are you working on right now?

I have currently collaborated with awesome wedding professionals including Royale Amethyst Invitations , where we have developed The Love Story Project, a line of custom save the dates, invitations and programs that include custom written love stories by Love Ink!  We currently have a love story contest going on right now where one lucky couple will win a free professionally written love story by me! I have also partnered with a Vow Art company called Her Blue Eyes , that specializes in turning your wedding vows into works of art! Lastly, I am hosting my first Wedding Vow Workshop in Atlanta with Blackbride.com at the Black Bride Bridal Showcase on Jan. 13, 2013. I’ll be teaching a group of couples how to capture their love stories and write beautiful wedding vows!

Love Ink is a full service special occasions writing service that is based in New York and founded in 2008. We offer one-on-one custom consultations to assist clients with all of their writing needs. No job is considered too small or too large. We strive to create custom written works with a personalized approach that is distinctly yours. We work directly with our clients to produce custom creations for their special day. Love ink offers coaching and writing services that include  custom written wedding vows, speeches, toasts, thank you cards and more!  Love ink has been featured in Black Bridal Bliss, Website, Black Bride, Website, David Tutera, Blog, Ebony Magazine, Single of the Year, The Hill, Newspaper, Spliced by Appy Couple, Website

C.K. Bio:
C.K. has always had a passion for writing and romance. This ambitious writer, born in Los Angeles and raised in New York, studied Journalism at Howard University in Washington D.C. and received her master’s in Journalism at Columbia University in New York. She is a news assistant and contributing writer for The New York Times and a freelance reporter for various publications. This is not a hobby for the young entrepreneur. Writing is her passion and love is her purpose.


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