Corporate Events

You want something fun and unexpected for your next corporate event. The question is—what?

Standing around a bar with drinks in hand is OK, but if you want an experience that employees and clients won’t stop talking about, consider a photo booth. Whatever the occasion, Royal Photo Booth provides a fun, unexpected activity that people will talk about over the proverbial water cooler (or the Keurig) for weeks to come.

Better yet, our photo booth goes where you do. So whether it’s an office holiday party, a picnic in the park, or a rented venue, we’re there to set up, facilitate the fun, and clean up when the event is over. Your company logo or custom message goes on every single print, ensuring that every person there remembers you when they look at their photos.

Set the stage for unforgettable team bonding (and plenty of laughs) with Royal Photo Booth. Because who needs another happy hour?


We can’t wait to make your corporate event unforgettable.

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