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Save the Date: Martha Stewart’s Wedding Party 2014

2014 Wedding Party NYCWhen it comes to planning a wedding, the best decisions — and there are many, many decisions — are the most informed ones. And few are more informed about the latest trends, the most reliable vendors and best insider tips than Martha Stewart and the team behind Martha Stewart Weddings. On January 26 at Gotham Hall, together with The Wedding Library‘s Claudia Hanlin, the Martha Stewart Weddings team will host a five-hour bridal showcase, from 10am to 3pm, that will feature over 100 top notch wedding vendors, giving attendees an inside look at wedding trends, tips and companies who can help make your Big Day the best.

Amsale Aberra, Preston Bailey, Marcy Blum, Darcy Miller and the whole Martha Stewart Weddings editorial team attending — and, of course, our annual “surprise” visit from Martha.

This is by far the BEST bridal show in NYC and we are excited that Royal Photo Booth will be a part of this spectacular event! You’ll leave this jam-packed afternoon informed, inspired, and ready to tackle every detail.

Please click here to purchase tickets to this luxury New York Bridal event before it sells out!


4 Reasons Monogram Wedding Cake Toppers Are HOT

Figurines of the bride and groom have been the usual wedding cake toppers for centuries. Couples use these figurines to add a slightly personal touch to their wedding cake, but continue to do so as a simple act of tradition. Many couples are bucking this tradition for a new wedding cake topper tradition. These couples are using monogram wedding cake toppers for their wedding cake. If you are considering your wedding cake topper, here are four reasons to consider a monogram topper.

It’s a More Modern Look

The wedding cake has been a long-standing tradition for weddings around the world. The male/female wedding toppers have also been a part of this long-standing tradition. This tradition can actually make the cake look old. If you want your wedding cake to look new, use a monogram wedding cake topper. The materials that can be used help to make the topper look modern. In all actuality, any wedding cake with a monogram wedding cake topper will look modern when compared to a usual cake topper. Marni Gold, owner of says, “Monograms are not just ‘trendy’, but are a time-tested staple when a couple gets together. A monogram shows the union of two people.”

Colors to Match your Reception

Monogram wedding cake topper pieces give you the ability to match your topper with the colors of your reception. These cake toppers can be made in nearly every color possible. Work with the designer of your cake to match the monogram to the reception. The colors of the cake will then compliment the topper, and will therefore compliment the colors of our reception. Gold says, “monogrammed cake toppers can be made in many sizes, fonts, and are hand-painted and hand-crystallized in your choice of colors!”

Design to Match your Reception

You can actually design the look of your monogram to the look of your reception. There will be different designs for you to choose from. There will also be companies that can make a monogram cake topper for you. You may also opt for an edible monogram to be placed atop your cake. You should make a final decision that considers all of these options to make sure that the monogram will match your reception.

Makes the Cake Personal

If anything, you should choose a monogram cake topper to make your cake as personal as possible. The monogram cake topper actually features the initials of the couple. This helps to bring a personal touch to the cake as you are identifying the couple with the cake. While this personalization is not necessary, it is a fun tradition that makes the cake that much more enjoyable and interesting.

Monograms are becoming more and more popular as new couples are interested in creating new traditions. Gold added, “The trend we’re seeing lately is to keep it simple.  It used to be that completely blinged out monogram cake-toppers were all the rage. However lately, we are seeing simple colored monogram cake toppers or even cake table letters that can be used again in decor in your new home together!”These monograms actually fit in with the theme of the wedding, and can easily look more elegant than the usual toppers. Consider these monograms for your wedding. The monogram can give your wedding cake a unique touch, and can be a great memento for later in life. monogram caketoppers start at $50 for a single letter but all of their designs are couture. Contact them for a custom quote or visit their Etsy Store and tell them Royal Photo Booth sent you!

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HOT Chevron Wedding Trends & Fun Ways to Use Into Your Wedding

Chevron is an inverted V-shaped insignia that is manipulated in many ways to create zigzags and other variations. This pattern can be dated back to as early as 1800 BC and is found on ancient pottery and rock carvings. Also, the pattern can be crisp, playful, and intricate depending on desired customization.

The chevron design is now being incorporated in modern wedding themes and is being given creative twists that are being embraced by many brides-to-be because of its uniqueness and freshness to the overall wedding motif. Some of the ways the chevron pattern is being used in weddings include:

  • Tablecloths and linens
  • Flower girl dresses
  • Wedding albums
  • Wedding favors
  • Bouquet ribbons
  • Wedding décor
  • Wedding cakes
  • Wedding vases
  • Table runners
  • Aisle runners
  • Invitations
  • Candles

The different ways in which the chevron pattern can be used seems endless. There are variations on not only the size, direction, and movement of the V-pattern but the colors as well. These patterns are appropriate for any and all wedding themes including:

  • Beach weddings
  • Formal weddings
  • Themed weddings
  • Just about all religious weddings

The other important point is that chevron can be used for weddings on any budget. The vastness of the different options available for use allows for any wedding to express itself with this modernized design that is experiencing a rise in popular trend.

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** Photo Credits: Chevron Flower Girl Dress- http://sweet-angel-1.tumblr.compost33832037349Chevron Table Runner via hostessblog.comChevron Wedding Cake via Martha Stewart Weddings, Various Chevron via  Olatz akissofcolourChevron Wedding Bride via Elizabeth Baldwin Smith


16 Ways to Make Your Great Gatsby Event Sizzle

Since the recent premiere of the film The Great Gatsby starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Toby McGuire, Carey Mulligan, and Joel Edgerton; a resurgence of the 1920s sleek and fanciful vintage look, especially the flapper fashion trend, is now all the rave across the United States and Europe.

Big name designers, lesser known designers, and party supply shops are taking advantage of the “roaring twenties” fashion revival. With this reawakening of a spectacular fashion trend, availability of exquisite pieces is not very difficult to come by. For this reason, your next event should utilize The Great Gatsby theme so that you too can experience and relive a piece of 1920s history.

Recently, we have done quite a few Great Gatsby themed events. Incorporating The Great Gatsby theme into your event is fun, easy, and cost effective. All it takes is creativity and imagination to use what is available in stores to produce a polished, sleek, vintage high-end look. Here are a few of the fashion statements associated with this theme:


  • Slicked back hairstyles (polished look)
  • Sharp looking black suits
  • Well shined dress shoes
  • Boutonnieres
  • Bow ties


  • Short/bob haircuts; or finger curls
  • Knee-length and short skirts
  • Vintage-style lace dresses
  • Long form-fitting dresses
  • Feathered collar blouses
  • Beaded collar blouses
  • Flower headbands
  • Strings of pearls
  • Fancy hats
  • Corsages
  • Boas
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*Photo Credits via Pinterest: Royal Photo Booth Pinterest Board using Invitations by Ajalon, Monika Caban Photography, Rushe Bridal look book, Vintage Weddings, and Emici Bridal

Inspired by Rock the World NYC

Recently, we sponsored Rock the World, an annual woman’s entrepreneur conference held in New York City by Savor the Success, the premium business network for women entrepreneurs. Very inspirational CEOs and America’s top entrepreneurs were in attendance to show us how to be the true CEO of your business, from core leadership qualities and ultra-productivity to hiring and leading a Dream Team of employees.  One of the speakers who rocked it was CEO of Stella & Dot, Jessica Herrin. Her story and words of advice were so inspirational and resonated with everyone in the room. Jessica was so excited to see our photo booth at the conference, she had to stop and take some pictures.


Here are some Stella & Dot pieces we are swooning over that can be worn by a bride or bridesmaids. With Stella & Dot’s already affordable ‘Styles for a Steal’ and their amazing Spring 2013 line featuring turquoise, Kelly green and several other ‘it’ bridal hues for 2013, this is a great way to accessorize on the cheap without looking cheap. Take a look at our Top 5 gorgeous pieces that a bride and bridesmaids will want to wear again and again:

  • The Julep Bangle comes in four gorgeous colors and is the perfect arm candy for bridesmaids (and budgets) at only $19. Stack several colors together for a great honeymoon
    look for the bride. 

  • The Maldives Necklace is perfect for a bride hoping to wear her ‘something blue’ in her accessories. With beautiful mixes of turquoise and green hues


  • Treat bridesmaids to a Stella & Dot best-seller with a coral or turquoise Vintage Twist Bracelet. Classy, fun


  • Valor Studs offer a classy and sophisticated look for any bride’s nuptials. It’s hard to believe this gorgeous pave detail


   Image Credits: Stella & Dot Website

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