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Vendor Spotlight: Boomset – Seamless Event Success

There is no doubt that traditional methods of planning an event are fast becoming a thing of the past. Today the whole event can be managed online from sending invitations, promoting events, collecting RSVP’s and managing the guest list. Boomset’s goal is to be a digital trendsetter; encompassing innovation and technology not only saving you time but helping you build a seamless event.

The idea behind the system occurred when both owners Kerem and Cem were standing in line for an event at a popular NYC nightspot. They both shared their mutual frustration for the time it took to get into the event. On closer inspection they realized that some people were being denied entry, as staff were unable to find certain names on the list, the list was not updated properly with late entrants and suspicious re entry of guests that have already been ticketed off.

There has to be a quicker way! The entrance to the event sets the guest’s first impressions. Therefore the importance of the entrance is a key to a successful event.

Kerem and Cem decided to join forces to build a solution to overcome the inefficiencies of guest list systems at events. Boomset Check-in system has been built to achieve efficiency, style and above all seamlessness. Today Boomset have expanded to combine many different service offerings to help your overall event achieve Seamless Event Success! Boomset provides the complete event management system and online ticketing.

Don’t waste time with complicated event management systems, Boomset enables you to create your event and start selling tickets in seconds! This Cloud based system allows you customize your event by creating reservation types, manage your affiliates and design discount codes. Once your event has finished you can analyze the results with detailed event reports.

If you have ever endured issues managing your guest list then stress no more! You can check-in individuals or groups at the touch of a button using the Boomset Check-In App. The Mobile Box office enables you to continue selling tickets at the door, which means that you never have to stop selling tickets prematurely. Communication is everything, so matter where you are located at the event you will always know when your guests have arrived with automatic alerts sent to your phone.

Boomset are here to make your life easier, so you can focus on what you love!

Boomset is an online and mobile event planning & ticketing company. Any event of any size can be created, promoted and sold through our state of the art ticketing platform. We offer a variety of guest list & box office apps to maximize your ticket sales during your events. Our product have been loved by many renowned organizations including Hearst Corporation, Seeds of Peace, Pencils of Promise, Dor Chadash, Walkabout Foundation, The Lunchbox Fund and more!

Randie & Nelson Treat Baby Shower Guests to Photo Booth FUN!

Not many people think to have a Photo Booth at their baby shower, so Royal Photo Booth was excited to be asked to take part in the very large and festive baby shower to welcome Randie and Nelson’s new addition! The shower, held at The Venue in Brooklyn, NY had a very adorable pink, purple and white theme.

There was much laughter amongst the 100 + guests who showered the parents with a mountain of gifts and lots of love. But – the guests certainly had their share of good fortune as well! Along with the Spanish music playing all night long, Randie and Nelson’s loved ones were treated to delicious Spanish food, pink & purple chocolate lollipops, and pink cake (which was SO hard to resist) and, of course, the fun-filled photo booth with customized props for It’s A Girl themed Baby Shower (pink baby hats, pink baby bottles, I ♥ Mommy bibs, and I ♥ Daddy bibs)

Baby showers are an event for the entire family and what’s great about baby shower photo booths is the good clean fun it provides truly appeals to ALL ages! We make sure to provide a photo booth prop selection that is ageless: crazy hats, cool and wacky glasses in all shapes and sizes, customized baby shower props, Viking helmets – you name it! There is something there for everyone! And, really, who doesn’t love letting loose and getting silly in front of a camera? It’s something everyone can enjoy, and certainly something everyone at Randie and Nelson’s baby shower had a blast with! See the Event Gallery HERE.

And, the best part? Each guest that stepped inside the booth left with a personalized souvenir with which they can commemorate the shower for years to come. Our professional graphic designer created a truly adorable “It’s a Girl” layout on which the guests’ photos were printed. The guests at the event simply loved the prints and went in for second, third, and fourth rounds!

Of course baby shower photo booth rentals is not all we do! Whether you are looking for Wedding photo booth, Sweet 16 photo booth, Bar/Bat Mitzvah photo booth or a party photo booth for any social or corporate event in NY, NJ or CT, Royal Photo Booth is the BEST way to liven up that party and have all your guests SMILING!

We provide great FUN that appeals to the whole family, that photobooths in NY really can’t be beat. At Royal Photo Booth, we know how important your event is to you and we will do everything we can to make the photo booth rental experience as FUN and MEMORABLE as possible. To learn about our Rental Packages, please CONTACT US today!

Vendor Spotlight: Rev. Annie Lawrence, NYC Wedding Officiant

You’re madly in love, you’ve been faithful for years, and you want to get married. Hiring a Wedding Officiant for your Wedding  Ceremony whether its at a park or catering hall is by far the least complicated option. Last year, we met Rev. Annie and fell in love with her! Every couple she meets, every ceremony she celebrates, is unique and memorable. With years of experience in planning, preparing, writing, and performing personal, meaningful, romantic ceremonies, she can assure you that she is confident, at ease, and at peace on your wedding day. Rev. Annie’s goal is to support you, so that when you get married you feel relaxed, prepared, and truly present to give your heart, to experience every moment, and celebrate! We were able to speak with Rev. Annie and learn more about her and what makes her so special!

Where did the idea of you becoming an Ordained Minister come from?

I became an ordained Interfaith minister in 2002 and did my first wedding for a friend the following year.  I liked it so much I started doing weddings part-time, and expanded my business to full-time wedding ministry in 2009.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

It’s my joy & privilege to feel the love people share on a wedding day!  Whether it’s just the couple in an elopement-style ceremony, or a big wedding with all their friends & family invited, it’s always an emotional, happy, and lovely day.

What event that you either attended or took part in has had the greatest influence on your career?

I am proud to be an ally & activist for Marriage Equality for gay couples.  Taking part in activism & demonstrations that influenced the change in NY law that allows same-sex ceremonies to take place in New York State is one of my proudest achievements.   I am honored to wed gay couples from around the world who come to NY for their long-awaited wedding ceremony, and continue to support Marriage Equality for all couples across the United States and around the world.

What are the top trends you see for 2012?

As an officiant, I see all the personal touches that couples bring to their ceremony, from their style of dress to choices in their music, readings, and rituals—as well as their personal touches that make their wedding reception unique & memorable.  Lately I see a lot of cupcakes, cool bouquets & boutonnieres, succulent colors, and awesome Processional/Recessional songs!

What requests do you hear most from your clients?

Many couples tell me they want a ceremony that is “short & sweet.”  The average ceremony is about twenty minutes, and I assure them it goes by very quickly—it’s one of my jobs to help them feel safe, secure, and at ease so they can enjoy every moment of this life-changing event.

How would you describe your signature style in five words?

Joyful.  Warm.  Sincere.  Exciting.  Memorable.

Where do you network and how do you make the time?

I value the importance of receiving encouragement, advice, and support from a community of peers.  I actively seek out like-minded wedding vendors who want to share contacts, connection, and a sense of community.  Taking time to network is essential, as more than half of my business comes from repeat referrals!

How can we book you for a wedding?

Please visit my website: and let me know the date, time, & location of your ceremony — I would love to celebrate with you!

Name three inspirations: 1 person, 1 place, 1 thing.

Douglas Coupland.  London.  Twitter.

When you aren’t doing this, what are you doing?

I’m a pop-culture enthusiast and I love living in NYC.  You can find me at the theatre at least once a week, and absorbing inspiration from my favorite artists, authors, and activists from around the world on a daily basis.

Rev. Annie Lawrence, NYC Wedding Officiant, is an Interfaith Minister available for spiritual, civil, non-denominational, destination weddings, elopements, same-sex marriage & vow renewals in NY & beyond. All couples welcome–Marriage Equality! We are: *WeddingWire Rated 2012**The Knot Best of Weddings 2012* *BBC3 “Don’t Tell the Bride: Christmas in Wonderland” Dec. 2011* Check out my Website, for Updates Like us on Facebook and Follow me on Twitter.

Sweet 16s, Quinceañeras & Bar/Bat Mitzvahs: Do it Right!

These milestones have to be the biggest events next to a wedding! It is where family and friends gather to celebrate a young child or teen the moving into adulthood. These celebrations are also the most expensive events next to a wedding! And why not? It only comes around once in your life. You only turn 13, 15 or 16 once in your lifetime!  The BIGGER the BETTER and in Jersey, everything is OVER THE TOP! Here are some tips and ideas from Samantha from Rare Occasions Inc. to help you plan a SUPER Sweet 16, Quinceañeras, or Bar/Bat Mitzvah. She breaks down the 5 most important elements to splurge on:

1.  Location, Location, Location- Choosing the right venue will set the tone of the party right away! Choose a venue that will complement your theme perfectly. For example if you have a theme such as masquerade or historic like ancient Egypt (theme suggested by a girl planning her sweet 16!), you’ll want to choose a museum or an old historic landmark.

Planning a funky 80’s Bat Mitzvah, try an awesome, funky club or lounge that caters to this theme! (Alcohol not included) If you want to save money, find one that has their own in-house DJ, who’ll most likely play music from that time! Check out the Culture Club in NYC! So cool and very 80s. You’ll find great music and all things 80s!

Want to create a fantasy world? Try a raw space or huge tent that you can transform into anything you want! Check out these Bar and Bat Mitzvahs! How creative and awesome is this. From floor to ceiling, everything is totally done to perfection!

This Bar Mitzvah, was held at Sony Studios in Culver City, CA. Totally transformed!

Bat Mitzvah in  LA. Lovely décor in a tent!


2. DJ

What good is a party without someone to provide great music? Hiring the best DJ is so crucial to your event, because they can make or break the vibe! No, they don’t just spin records, but they help keep your guest entertained and interactive. You want to find someone who can capture the crowd’s attention from the beginning. Don’t trust your event to just anyone! (Tip: Interview at least 5 different DJs to find your perfect match! Even if one comes highly recommended, they might not be a great fit for your overall theme!)

3. Food

Mmm food! I’ve been a guest at a party and overheard another guest say, “Let’s go, the food sucks!” Wow! Who wants someone to say that at their party? Not me! And I would bet money you wouldn’t either. This the part where you let you guest know that you care about them. Sort of your, I appreciate you coming, let me feed you delicious food! Get to know your crowd and figure out what will please their palates. Having a huge spread of variety of foods will please more. (Tip: Remember to have a great section for your vegetarian and vegan friends! Also don’t forget the dessert buffet!)


4. Photographer/ Videographer

Trust me, all those months planning and getting ready for your big night. It will go by so fast! One minute you’re dancing and having a good time with your friends and the next, lights are on and it’s clean up time.  You’ll want to capture this special time with your family and friends to reflect on good times.



5. Last but definitely not least, is hiring an awesome party/event planner and/or designer. Not only can we get you the best of the best of numbers 1-4, but we can also make sure your party looks good! I included décor in this section, because you can work with your planner/designer on exactly the look you want for your event. We take special care in finding you the best and most for your money. Planning a big event like a sweet 16 or Bar/Bat Mitzvah is extremely hard and time consuming. So why not let someone who does it for a living, do it for you?  Remember it’s a once in a life time event, live it, enjoy it and do it right!


Rare Occasions, Inc. is a boutique wedding and party planning company. We specialize in providing personalized luxury services for the New Jersey and New York brides. We do multicultural, destination and cater to the DIY bride. We have services for all couples from low to platinum budgets. No bride left behind at Rare Occasions, Inc. Weddings! Creating fabulous events and lasting memories. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

Picture Credits in order: Andy Foster Photography, Mitzvah from Mindy Weiss website, Pauly D picture from,, and

Vendor Spotlight: Amy of Amy Cannon Photography

Amy Cannon is a very TALENTED photographer based in Queens, NY. We recently worked alongside Amy on a Greek Goddess Themed Sweet 16 Birthday Celebration at Battery Gardens in NYC. When we met her, she was bubbly and had lots of personality. With a passion for photography at a very early age, Amy learned the art of composition from her talented and gifted father. Once the subject of his creative photo shoots, “mugging” for his Minolta 35mm camera, Amy is now on the other side of the lens, bringing out the beauty of others through the art of photography. Amy’s artistic eye and unique creativity are the foundation of her success. Her inviting personality provides the perfect backdrop for actors, musicians and budding professionals looking to take their career to the next level. We were able to spend some time with Amy and talk about photography and what important questions to ask a photographer before you hire one.

Where did the idea/history for your business come from?

Photography has ALWAYS been a huge passion of mine.  I love everything about it. I have so many wonderful moments displayed all over my house of my family and kids and I wanted to give other people the same opportunity. So, I opened up my lens to more than family and friends and began to photograph for others.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?  

Having the ability to capture a really great moment for someone and make it last forever.  

What characteristics make a memorable photo?  

Honesty.  Looking a photo and seeing a true, honest moment.  A moment that makes you feel something.  I love when a photo tells a story and generates an emotion.

How would you describe your signature style in five words?  

Artistic, Unique, Creative, Edgy & Fun.

Name three things you enjoy photographing most.  

Babies, Families and Couples.

What are some important questions a person should ask a photographer before they hire them?

What their style is.  I think a specific style will really work for some, but it just won’t work for others. I think it’s important that you have a similar “taste”. I also think it’s important to get a good feel for their personality.  After all, they are going to be spending time with you on a personal level and if you are comfortable with them, the photos will show that. If the photographer is fun, organized, creative, cool AND has the technical skills to back them up; chances are your photos are going to tell a great story and be captured moments rather than just posed snapshots. 

What’s your preference: color or black and white? Why?  

That’s a tough one.  I love them both for different reasons.  Color tends to be more fun & vibrant while black and white tends to be classic and timeless.

Where can we see some of your past work?

For a wide variety of my work, visit (Don’t forget the dash!) as well as my Facebook page-!/AmyCannonPhotographyNYC

How far in advance should we contact you to book your services?  

I typically book a month in advance but I do my best to accommodate my clients.

What makes you different from other photographers out there?

I’m a mother of two with a theatrical background. My photos are not just about capturing a great smile.  They’re about expressing love; from a baby’s eyes to a couple’s kiss to a families hug.  My photos always tell a story.

Tell us something we don’t know about Amy Cannon Photography.

I’m completely hands on.  I book, shoot, edit and deliver all of my work.  I obviously don’t have an assistant or I would be in at least a FEW of my family photographs and my props and equipment have completely taken over my husband’s garage. 


Amy currently resides in Sunnyside Queens, NY with her husband Mike and their two young children, Cooper and Camryn. Being a mother herself, Amy’s incredible patience and genuine love for babies and children comes naturally, making her the ideal choice to bring out the beauty of your child. To learn more about Amy Cannon Photography, visit their Website & LIKE them on Facebook to get updates.

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