Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween Party Ideas | Royal Photo Booth NYCHalloween is just around the corner! If you’re throwing a spooky soiree, you’ll need some entertainment that adds a mystery of element and surprise. Halloween is one of the celebrations that has become increasingly popular and favored by many – children and adults alike. It is a fun time to dress-up, visit haunted houses, do some Halloween decorating, go trick-or-treating, and enjoy the celebrations of Fall.

Below are some awesome ideas to make your party THE PARTY of the year!

  • Halloween Party Musicthink of the soundtracks to Addams Family, Ghoustbusters, or the Exorcist
  • Halloween Party Games – the classic “bobbing for apples” game, ouija boards, pumpkin carving contests, best costume
  • Halloween Movies –  have this playing in the background of your party to add a little extra atmosphere to the party
  • Halloween Photo Booth — squeeze as many ghouls and goblins into the photo booth to capture the good times and leave with a photo keepsake. We offer green screen Halloween backgrounds so we can match the theme of your party to the pictures as well!

Contact us today if you’re interested in reserving a photo booth for a Halloween party.  We’ll make it seamless and stress free on you by delivering, setting up, and managing the booth.  All we ask is that you and your guests get creative and make some memories!

Halloween Photo Booth | Royal Photo Booth rentals in NYHalloween Entertainment | Royal Photo Booth NY

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Lim College Move-In Day

Preparation for the Fall 2014 school year has begun at LIM College with Move-In Day for the incoming freshman. Royal Photo Booth was there to capture some emotional yet happy/silly moments of the parents and incoming freshman moving into the dorms. LIM College knew they had to have a photo booth to capture the moments after parents and loved ones helped their students move in. The photo booth was a hit! Some students were excited to put up their first pictures on their dorm wall, loved ones had a keepsake they could take back home with them! Here are some of our favorite photos from LIM College Move-In Day!




Top 5 Reasons to Have a Photo Booth at Your Wedding

Photo booths and weddings are a perfect match! Guests attend a wedding with the hopes of having a blast…including the bride! One of the best ways to get your reception rollin’ is to have a photo booth present for your guests to enjoy! Here’s out Top Five MUST HAVE Reasons to include a photo booth at your New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, or Washington, DC Wedding.

Royal Photo Booth NY best photo booth rentals1. Photo booth prints make for memorable wedding favors!

While there are still some brides who want to provide their guests with fancy chocolates and hand-crafted candles with the perfectly-scripted initials of the wedding couple written on them, more and more wedding receptions are moving away from the traditional wedding favors seen in weddings in the past.

Incorporating a photo booth in your wedding gives guests the opportunity not only to have fun having their picture taken, but to also have a souvenir to take with them at the end of the night. 

2. Photo booths give guests the opportunity to loosen up and have fun!

IMG_0117At some point during the night, some of your guests may need a break from the “Cha Cha Slide” and catching bridal bouquets and will be looking for a different pastime to entertain them. Photo booths allow everyone from your adorable four year-old nephew to your kooky great-aunt (who you are amazed is still up after 9 PM!) to get together and join in the fun. No matter how prim and proper you may be, it’s extremely difficult to remain serious when you’ve got a sombrero and a pink boa on!

Photo booths add a certain lightheartedness to weddings and get people of all ages interacting. It’s always nice to provide your guests with various activities throughout the night to mix things up!

3. To entertain your guests.

IMG_0050The experience that your guests have at your wedding is a big factor in contributing to a fun vibe at the event. A photo booth can be a great way to help spark the fun.  Most photo booth services will include props with your rental and a choice of backdrops, but you can add your own personal touch by looking around your home for something quirky. Some of our favorite props have come from our wedding clients themselves. Things like empty alcohol bottles, pimp canes, or even customized signs. Sky’s the limit! Modern photo booths with no enclosure have enough room to fit a big group at a time. The smaller closed photo booths (similar to the ones you’ve seen in the mall) only fit 1-2 people at a time. The modern ones can sometimes fit up to 10-15 people so you can gather with your whole bridal party or maybe all those friends from your football team.

4. Just in case.

Taken by Royal Photo Booth_14The wedding day goes by so fast, how can you make time with every guest before the sun sets? Now you can include everyone in your album without having to rush during the day. Not all the pictures in your photo booth have to include props. You can always just bring your friends to the photo booth and take a photo at your leisure during the party!

5. Photo booth pictures come to you really fast.

Royal Photo Booth Wedding KeepsakesBecause the photobooth has high-end digital cameras, they don’t require the time-consuming editing that your photographer will need to do. As a result you can get your pictures super fast. Some photobooths even print your photos in under twenty seconds, and digital files are often delivered to you less than one week after your wedding.

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Honeymoon Destination – Aruba

I Love ArubaRecently, I had the chance to visit Aruba. Honeymoon couples find romance and fun all day into the wee hours of the night in Aruba. The island is sunny and breezy year-round, amazing azure water, beaches that glitter by day and casinos that glitter by night. This Caribbean paradise offers you a colorful world away from home – with so much to do, it’s the perfect place to do nothing at all. Relax on pristine beaches, scuba dive in the crystal clear waters, sail around the island to catch breathtaking views, visit natural bridges and pools or experience the island’s winding roads on horseback or ATV. Great cuisine and nightlife keep you exhilarated long after the sun is gone. Aruba is definitely a top Caribbean honeymoon destination! *

Aruba TreeI spoke with lots of people who were vacationing in Aruba and learned that once people visit this island, they start coming back year after year, one couple have been coming for 30 years, ever since they honeymooned here! One of the top reasons why people come to Aruba is their consistent weather of at least 80 degrees with trade winds everyday of the year with light showers from time to time. You also don’t have to worry about hurricanes, since Aruba lies in the hurricane belt and is protected from them!

Aruba Beach Club viewI was there for 7 relaxing days that consisted of the beach/pool, sightseeing, and of course the food! I stayed at the Aruba Beach Club, located in the “low rise” hotel area. I was literally steps away from the sand from my room, as this resort in right on the beach!

HIGHLIGHTS of my Aruba trip:

7:30am morning beach walks

Moomba Beach ArubaRoyal Photo Booth visits Aruba

Fine Dining on the Beach with a romantic sunset dinner at Barefoot Restaurant

Aruba Sunset Dinner Barefoot RestaurantAruba Sunset Dinner Barefoot Restaurant_2

Sunset in ArubaIMG_2380

Beautiful beaches

Aruba Beach







California Lighthouse

California Lighthouse in Aruba






Oranjestad (Downtown Aruba)

Oranjestad, ArubaOranjestad

Oranjestad, Aruba_3Oranjestad, Aruba_2

To learn more about planning your honeymoon to Aruba, visit aruba.com, Aruba Tripadvisor, and The Honeymoon. *Excerpt from The Honeymoon site.

Savor Memories at your Graduation Party with a Photo Booth

Have you ever thought of hiring a photo booth for your upcoming graduation party? It is such a great idea for so many reasons. We at Royal Photo Booth love the idea of photo booths at graduation parties, because not only is it fun for us, but it’s fun for you and your guests of all ages! A photo booth will bring the excitement that will make your party be the talk of the town. We have put together a list of how a photo booth can savor memories and spice up a graduation party, and we even included some photos from past graduation parties.

Capture memorable photos with friends and classmates


Your graduation party may be the last time you get to spend quality time with some of your classmates that you’ve spent the last four years with. You’re going to want pictures, we guarentee it. Whether it’s with your best friends or your classmates you shared a lunch table with. Afterwards you will have a ton of photos to remind you of not only your graduation party, but also the past four years!


Make your party stand out amongst your classmates

IMG_0032Most students only graduate once, right? Why not celebrate your most iconic graduation with one of the top party trends right now! It will make your party stand out against all of your classmates’ and friends’ parties, while providing fun and entertainment throughout your entire party!


Bring together family for some fun and unique photos

IMG_0103You’ve probably got a list of family members that will be making an appearance at your graduation party, so why not hire a photo booth to provide some fun photos of you with your family? Of course the photos will turn out a bit different than past family photos, as our most popular packages include fun props, like crazy hats, large glasses and hilarious signs. When’s the last time you saw your grandma holding up a fake mustache?


Show off school spirit one last time… or for the first time

Graduation Photo BoothIt’s a great idea to take advantage of our custom photo strip designs by featuring your high school or college mascot and colors, as a celebration of the four years of challenges and happy memories. Or you could feature elements of your new school, a way to look forward to all of the new experience and memories you will be creating come the fall. Or you can incorporate both old and new for a unique take on your custom photo strip.


It’s a great graduation gift for any student


Who wouldn’t want a photo booth for their graduation party? A photo booth rental is a great gift that can be given by family or friends for the graduating student. It’s especially beneficial for a parent, as they won’t have to constantly be taking photos of you and your friends using your cellphone. (There a professional attendant that runs the booth throughout your party.) Plus it is ultimately no extra work for you or your host!
If you are interested in hiring a photo booth for your next graduation party (or any event!), please take a look at our packages and feel free to contact us for availability. 

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