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Why a Photo Booth? Here’s my Story.

Every time girlfriends reunite, the smiles, giggles, and embarrassing stories flow freely, no matter how much time has passed.

I can’t tell you how true that is for me and my friends.

When my friend Tiff got married in San Francisco in November of 2009, my girlfriends and I wasted no time reminiscing about the past, shaking our you-know-whats on the dance floor,
and flashing endless smiles in the photo booth (we spent so much time in that photo booth
that our place cards should have assigned us seats in there).

As the night went on, the camera snapped away, chronicling our reunion, photo after photo.

One special friend at the wedding was Felicia, my confidant and personal fashion guru
since I was nine years old. She was like my older sister, always open with advice, profound
encouragement, or a contagious smile.

With handfuls of priceless party favors in our bags, we all went our separate ways after that
night. I flew back to New York City unsure when our next reunion would be, but content in
knowing that we sure did that one right.

Then, tragedy struck in January 2011 when I found out that Felicia passed away.
Devastated and torn apart, I searched for a way to honor her life, and that’s when I remembered the photo booth and our last photo together. I framed that precious photo and
proudly hung it up in my living room.

In that moment, there was no doubt I needed to start my own photo booth company, for
Felicia, for myself, and for everyone out there that understands how short life really is and
seeks to appreciate every moment.

When I take Royal Photo Booth to weddings and special events, I make it my personal
mission to create that same feeling I felt at Tiff’s wedding. I want you to huddle in close and
put your arms around your best friends. I want you to give each other cheek kisses. I want
you to laugh. A lot.

While images of our loved ones are forever present within us, a photograph can capture a
specific smile or expression, frozen in time that elicits a special memory.

That’s why Royal Photo Booth was created. Step into the booth, and make some priceless
memories with your favorite people, as if no time has passed.

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